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Garage door automation

It's not uncommon nowadays to have a wifi controlled garage door opener. Newly purchased garage door openers from companies, like Chamberlain, have wifi chip imbedded.

Here is some issue, first it's not compatible with some of automation ecosystem. Second, it doesn't support some automation you want to do, like automatically close garage door after you left home or automation open garage door when you are near. Third, if you have a old garage door opener which still runs fine, you don't want to spend couple hundreds bucks $$$ in order to achieve automation feature.

So we sell wifi garage door opener to solve this issue. It can achieve two basic functions, one is monitoring the door status. two is control the door remotely.

Besides these basic functions, I make up automation rules that it will automatically turn on my garage ceiling lights (not the light on the openers, because they are too dim);

Also, I have alert setup so that I will alert me right away if the door is left open for more than 0.5 hrs. I also let it automatically close the garage door after 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 PM if the door is open at those time. Finally, I don't need to keep remember to check my garage door.

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