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Uneven temperature within house

Uneven room temperatures are caused by a number of factors that can be minor or major issues; has a great post about this issue.,care%20of%20them%20for%20you.

Due to high cost of resize duct work and traditional HVAC zone system, lots of people are suffer with uneven temperature for long time.

Let me share a little story with you how home automation help to ease this situation.

I have a two story house, and it has uneven temperature issue as well. In summer, 2nd floor is way hotter than 1st floor. When at bed time (all bed rooms are in the 2nd floor), we always have to run to down stair to turn down the thermostat. I got a wifi thermostat to solve this issue. However, I still need to guess around the setting, because the thermostat is installed in 1st floor, not the 2nd floor. When I set 18 C in the thermostat, the 1st floor will be 18C but the 2nd floor may be at 20C, or maybe 21C, or maybe 22C depending on the weather. So I start adding temperature sensors to the bed rooms in the 2nd floor, and using automation to link the sensors to the wifi thermostat. When in the bed time, I set the wifi thermostat only listen to the sensor in the bed room instead of the sensor inside the thermostat, and my bed room always have the perfect temperature I want.

If you have a baby or a older people who is very sensitive to temperature, this will become even more important.

The bonus side of this sensor is that it can also detects the humidity. So in the winter season, usually in Winnipeg, it's very dry. I add a wifi smart plug to my humidifier so I set a automation that it will turn on humidifier when humidity from the senor lower than 40%. This way I can always make sure my little baby room has the perfect humidity.

Product used in this post:

Beca Wifi thermostat

Wifi relay

Wifi/Zigbee wireless sensors

Wifi smart plugs

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